Survey services

Survey is an independent examination which includes detailed inspection and verification of goods and transporting vehicles.

Surveyor specializing in investigating cargo damage (insurance claims), for example damage caused by fire, flood; violations of the transportation schedule; improper mounting or careless cargo handling.

This service is especially practical for cargo delivery from South-East Asia.

Survey services – an assessment of the quality of the transported goods and their inspection before, during and after the cargo operations, which includes:

  • check necessary shipping documents in place of loading;
  • inspection of the packaging, labeling;
  • visual inspection of the cargo, with its operational photography;
  • monitor and control the loading and unloading operations;
  • verification of sealing containers, tanks, cars, cargo securing,
  • check transhipment vehicle;
  • and other.

This service guarantees the safety and delivery of the goods, being in the shape and quality when ordered by you.