Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is used to protect the financial interests of cargo owners against the risk of death, injury, loss, theft or loss during transportation of the goods from the shipper to the consignee transport modes as in multimodal (combined) and combined transport, and in all other ways of transportation.Only for our clients, we offer additional cargo insurance on all types of transport. With us you can be sure that you do not lose your money invested in the product.

There are several types of cargo insurance.

  1. With the responsibility of the insurer for all risks.
  2. With liability insurer for a total loss and damage to cargo.
  3. Without the insurer’s liability for total loss or damage (other than in the crash).

Depending on what kind of load is in question, it will be transported, and what type of transportation will be selected, with our help, you can easily choose a suitable insurance conditions of the cargo. Tariffs for cargo insurance depends on the nature of the goods, the range and volume of monthly traffic, modes of transport, the list of risks to be insured.

Increased competition in the transportation insurance market has led to the fact that the level of premiums for insurance of goods, as a rule, does not exceed tenths of a percent of the actual value of the goods. So the price is not so great as to save her, but the certainty that the losses will be covered, well worth the money.Our partners – insurers: Talbot Underwriting Limited, Gan Eurocourtage SA (France), TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited (UK)What you need to do to get insurance? In order to get insurance, you do not need a lot of effort.

Step 1: In parallel with the contract of forwarding service you will receive a contract for cargo insurance.

Step 2: Are you familiar with the contract and sign it.

Step 3: you send / give it to our employees.

We are always the most important is your peace of mind for their cargo.

Be sure of it! Choose rapid movement and reliable partner!