Customs clearance

Euro-Asia Logistics offers professional assistance for customs clearance in the European Union and other countries.

Customs clearance is one of the most important procedures in the international cargo transportation, so our specialists will help you solve quickly and easily any customs issues.
We provide customs clearance services for freights transported by any route.We resolve any customs issues for our customers promptly and efficiently.


Our services in customs clearance:
• Advice on foreign economic contracts and customs control
• Help in resolving contentious issues on customs issues.
• Assistance in obtaining necessary certificates
• Execution of different types of declarations
• Classification of goods under the HS
• Making your vehicle set of documents (CMR, TIR-Carnet)
• Calculation of customs duties
• Registration of the shipments at the appropriate warehouses for temporary storage


We are ready to help you with customs clearance for any freight volumes and types, any vehicles used for transportation. Our team of experienced professionals swing into action to clear cargo the moment it arrives, saving our customers time and money.
After completion of all customs formalities and documentations, we deliver the consignments to customer’s desired destination.This is the reason why most consignors and consignees leave customs clearance procedures to professional brokers.The brokers have extensive knowledge of cross-border logistics laws, allowing for avoidance of cost overruns and freight delivery delays.

Euro-Asia Logistics is your reliable partner in customs clearing procedures!