International air transport


In case of urgent cargo delivery Euro-Asia Logistics can offer you air transportation. We have a wide spectrum of services in the organization of the international air cargo transportation.We can arrange air transportation from almost any region of the globe.

Main advantages of air cargo transportation are:

• Delivery, speed and accuracy are the result of air transportation. Transit time is short – it is very important for time sensitive and perishable cargo.

• Air cargo transport safety and accuracy reduces cargo damage to the minimum, making it the best way for expensive cargo transportation.

• Air transportation uses the skies for this natural channel, without geographical restrictions. It is the most desirable way for deliveries to regions which have difficult access by ground.

Euro-Asia Logistics provides clients with most efficient and cost-effective solution and individual attention. We have an advantage of extensive network of relationships with transport and aviation agents in almost all countries and airlines in the world. Strong relations with the international airlines enable to choose an optimum route of a cargo. You will promptly receive the latest information on flight schedules and weather conditions at airports. Get the high-quality service for the air transportation of standard, fragile, bulky, heavy and dangerous goods.

Whether you need door-to-door service or airport holding, we can take care of it all – total air freight solutions:
• “Door-to-Door” delivery
• “Door-to-Airport” delivery
• “Airport-to-Door” delivery
• Transport documentation registration
• Smooth and fast import/export customs clearance
• Tracking
• Insurance
• Packing
• Warehousing

Take advantage of our extensive experience and professionalism of our specialists in the air cargo transportation.Air transportation – the maximal efficiency, by saving time we save money.

Be sure of it! Choose rapid movement and reliable partner!